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5 reasons why corporate digital signage can improve internal communications

Communication overload. The race to Inbox Zero. Digital clutter. Whatever you want to call it, it’s difficult these days to cut through all the digital noise employees face during their workday. For many companies, corporate digital signage is able to achieve just that. Not only do employees find it refreshing to look at a different screen for information, digital signage is that one communication channel that doesn’t need to share its screen space with competing content.

Here are 5 more ways your organization can benefit from corporate digital signage:

1. Catch and retain information better

Many people are primarily — or at least partially — visual learners, meaning information communicated visually is most likely to stick. By placing digital signage in high trafficked areas within your office, your messages will be noticed better and leave a lasting impression. Digital screens reach people where traditional communication channels like email don’t: waiting for elevators, filling orders on assembly lines, munching sloppy Joes in the cafeteria or just staring at the wall in reception areas.

2. No more disconnected workers

It’s easier to communicate with the employees that are present in the office via emails, intranet or skype for business. But if you are into manufacturing or warehousing business, mails and other 1:1 channels may not work well. Using wall-mounted digital displays, you can make announcements, show production figures and reinforce safety messages with non-desk workers as well.

3. Increase traffic to the intranet

Increasingly, organizations are seeking ways to integrate the wall screens with other digital communication tools such as the intranet. And it comes as no surprise. By sharing intranet headlines on digital signage screens, you spark your employees’ interest to read more on the intranet. For example: Encourage your HR-manager to use the vacation planner or your medical staff to read about the latest compliance rules and -regulations.

4. Boost employee engagement

Digital signage can be used to display performance dashboards as well as highlight major achievements of your staff. Use your screens to let them know their work is being noticed. Mark work anniversaries, spotlight an employee or a new hire. Anything you can do to motivate and recognize your teams, will result in higher morale and better bottom-line results.

5. Budget-friendly communication tool

The current transition from paper to screens applies to internal communications as well. Many businesses find handwriting or printing information on paper to be wasteful, superfluous and time-consuming, not to mention ineffective. Digital signage offers a modern, clean ánd budget-friendly alternative to the traditional cork bulletin boards and printed posters. Best of all? Content can be created and adjusted on the fly, so you are able to provide your staff with news “hot of the press”.

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