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Your business communication needs to be highly responsive to your customers and partners in order to achieve the highest potential for profit. This is possible by investing in new ways of communicating. Now, you can have high agility, quality and reliability in communications with a range of ThinkBig communications solutions. Each can dramatically lower your communication costs.



Direct Internet’s Managed VoIP Solution is a network-based IP Communications service for Call Centres, Telemarketing companies etc. By converging voice traffic onto a data network, it simplifies network management and potentially saves time and money.


Managed VoIP is a complete solution supporting long distance telephony, data and other network services all through a single service. Moreover, it offers value and simplicity to company’s communications and makes it possible to save up to 70%* on International telephony expenditures.

Through the use of the quality of service (QoS) device, bandwidth is reserved for voice calls to ensure optimal voice quality. The QoS device also provides the ability to monitor and control both voice and data traffic. It eliminates the old-fashioned need to over-provision bandwidth and further optimizes router performance by offloading the QoS function.


  • Termination on Tier1, Telco Grade switches.
  • Reduced costs – Managed VoIP Solutions provides low cost solution with business quality Voice.
  • Care- Providing 24×7 Customer support with proactive quality checks and monitoring.
  • Direct termination to most of the countries.

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